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In this entry, I'm going to give some more history and more information on the races I haven't written much about!

There is a tale told by the dwarves that has been passed down for as long as anybody can remember. When the world was first formed, the Earth Goddess descended from the Place of the Gods and took some of the dirt in her hands and molded it into the shape of a being. Now the High God had granted the deities beneath him the ability to create life from what he had made. So the Earth Goddess breathed the breath of life into the earthen figure she had formed. This is how the dwarves came to be. The Earth Goddess continued to make many more dwarves until there were enough to form a community. She then led her people beneath the surface world until she came to a place beneath a fire-spewing mountain (which is the same volcano located in Northwest Algorion). The Earth Goddess then showed them the fire that burned before them and taught them how it could be used to craft weapons, armor, and tools. This is how the dwarves became such skillful smiths.

When the land had been created, the Great Giant Lord stomped down to see it for himself. It is said that he was so large that when he took a step, the ground shifted and the mountains were made. The Great Giant Lord saw what he had done and took some of the smaller mountains and changed them to his liking before granting them with life. This is the origin of the giants.

Shortly after the gods and goddesses created the world and brought forth the earliest inhabitants of Algorion, the various races were left to roam the new land and find where they wanted to settle. The high elves (who were the only elves at that point in time) naturally established where they wanted to inhabit almost instantly. When the Elf Mother came to the newly created land, the soil beneath her feet became fertile, so she decided that it was an excellent place for the first tree to be planted. That tree was what later became known as the Elder Tree. The elves saw the land not only as a good place to grow crops because of its fertile soil, but also in reverence to the Elf Mother since she had blessed the land with her very presence.

The humans wandered eastward and settled on occupying that part of the continent, seeing as they were on the eastern coast and had access to the ocean, which they could sail on and fish from. However, the humans wished to expand westward. A small scouting party was sent to look and see if the land was worth possessing. Upon wandering in that direction, the scouting party was met by a group of elves, who thought that they were scouting to invade their territory. While they were scouting, they had no clue that they were in an area controlled by the elves. The elves attempted to drive out the scouting party without resorting to violence, but the humans responded by attacking, which resulted with the scouts being slain with ease. Upon hearing the news of the scouts' deaths, the leader of the humans was outraged and demanded that troops be sent to avenge their fallen comrades. The following skirmishes between the elves and men resulted with the humans being defeated over and over again. One reason is due to the fact that the early men had yet to craft better weapons and armor while a second reason is that they did not know the advantages the elves may have held over them. The elves defeated the humans by means of magic, which the humans had little knowledge of. After several defeats, the humans pulled back and avoided contact with the elves when possible. Since expanding westward meant facing the elves, the humans instead went northward along the coast and headed westward from there. When they discovered the giants inhabiting the area, they went no further and began building up a kingdom from what land they had acquired in the name of man.

I have discussed the dragons numerous times before, but I shall now go into more depth on them. The dragons were the most powerful race in Algorion and were at their prime during the First Age. Their domain ranged from the entire West Coast to the mountains and the hills in the Northwest, as well as the Southwest and towards the center of Algorion. The decline of the dragons began when all of the races of Algorion, having deemed them to be too dangerous, waged war against the dragons. The war lasted for the majority of the later years of the First Age. The dragons were eventually defeated. The surviving dragons fled farther Northwest into the mountains far from the other races or to the islands in the Western Sea. One factor that contributed to their downfall was that they rarely fought in groups. While the dragons served the Dragonlord, many of them were solitary, and therefore, easier to defeat since they did not have strength in numbers. An additional reason for their defeat is that since dragons have such a long lifespan, they age very slowly. A young dragon lacks the strength, magical prowess, and cunning a full-grown dragon possesses.

Since I haven't shown much love to the trolls, I'll talk about them some more. They are no longer frightened by thunder and are not nearly so vulnerable to sunlight. However, they are superstitious and believe thunder to be a bad omen. Ever since the early First Age, the land inhabited by the forest trolls (mountain trolls are, for the most part, solitary) has been known as the Troll Province. While there is an official government of sorts, there are many small independent states within the province, which caused internal conflict on multiple occasions. This is just one of the difficulties the trolls faced. During the First Age (before the dragons were few), the western region of the Troll Province was attacked by dragons on various instances. In the northern and eastern regions of the province, the trolls were threatened by invasions from the giants. Due to not being a single united territory, the troll military had difficulty fighting off their enemies. Eventually, the dragon attacks became less frequent, but the giants continued to attempt to expand their borders through conquest. This conflict between the trolls and giants would later be known as the War of the North. After several years of seemingly endless battles, the trolls retreated farther into their territory while the giants stretched the borders of their own land. This was the straw that broke the camel's back for the trolls. The cluster of independent states were dispersed and the Troll Province was no more. I said in Fantasy Stuff 4 that the Troll Province still existed during the Second Age. That has clearly been changed. I also mentioned that the trolls allied themselves with the goblins. That is a half-truth. A fairly large tribe of forest trolls that lived in an independent state sought allies after the fall of the Troll Province in order to continue the fight against the giants. This is where the goblins enter the picture and allied themselves with the particular forest troll tribe. When the tribe's chieftain was slain in a battle against the humans, the tribe elected a new chieftain. The new chief was incompetent and the rest of the tribe voted that they withdraw from their pact with the goblins. This marks the last time the trolls were involved in national affairs with other kingdoms until the Third Age, where a large army of both forest and mountain trolls emerged and warred against the giants to reclaim the land they had lost so long ago.

After the Second Age came to a close and the dwarves vanished, the many races that  relied on the dwarves for trade had nobody to trade with. The goblins took advantage of this and began looting abandoned dwarven cities for valuable items in order to have something that would prompt other kingdoms to open trade with the goblins. Within a fairly short timespan, the goblins had replaced the dwarves as the center of trade in Algorion.

Lastly, I've got some smaller stuff I wanted to mention.

* The name "Night Elf" comes from the fact that Dark Elves are strengthened by the light of the moon.

* On the moors of the Land of the Giants rests the great fortress of Wessenwall. The ancient citadel is believed to have been the first building constructed in all of Algorion and remains to this day to be an important stronghold to the giants.

* The city of Zilthrel was the capital city of the Elven Empire. Even after the Elven Civil War, the city became the capital of the High Elf Dynasty. Many scholars view the city as an architectural wonder.

* While the village of Gruhall holds no great significance in terms of historical events and population, it is best remembered as the unofficial capital of the Troll Province by scholars.
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